Yandina Historic House Art Gallery

Yandina Historic House Art Gallery

Welcome to the Yandina Historic House Art Gallery.

The Sunshine Coast is home to many fantastic artists and the gallery likes to showcase works that fit within the theme of this historic building. Local, Cultural and Historic are the themes for the artworks and there is plenty here to choose from.

Local – Local scenes, people, buildings, trees, flowers, animals and birds or whatever is located on the Sunshine Coast can feature in the works.

Cultural – Things that happen to do with the local lifestyle can be represented here.

Historic – Buildings, events, locations or even people may feature as part of our heritage.

If you are thinking of a new piece for your own home, or a gift for family and friends that will highlight what the Sunny Coast has to offer, then we have many beautiful pieces to choose from.

Because we have so many talented artists on the Sunshine Coast we do change the artists frequently so remember to call in regularly.

Most of the artists will take commissions, so if you have something specific in mind then we can put you in contact with the artist for you to let them know what you would like.

We look forward to seeing you at the Yandina Historic House Gallery.

Please note that all images on this site are subject to copyright and cannot be reproduced without permission of the artist.  

Represented Artists

Click on an image under an artist’s name to view a gallery of larger images of their work:

Sonia Benesovsky

Wendy Britton

Nicole Burr

Julie Chadwick

Kristy-Ann Duffy

Leigh Elks

Jo Gabe

Stuart Gollan

Cassandra Hanley

Jo Hawkins

Lindy Holmes

Christine Hopkins

Marge Martin

Kath Melzer

Robyn Norris

Sandra Robertson

Lynn Shaw

Carolyn Sheather

Pam Walsh

Carol Watkins

Don Woodley

Anne Yang