Yandina Historic House Art Gallery

Yandina Historic House Art Gallery

The Yandina Historic House Art Gallery’s aim is to present work created by Sunshine Coast Artists that reflects the traditional nature of the house.

Our goal is to make art accessible to all and to exhibit and maintain a high standard of work for the benefit of our visitors, the artists and our local community.

Yandina Historic House is a non-profit organisation, run by local volunteers.

All works are for sale.

All images on this website are protected by copyright law and cannot be reproduced without permission from the artists.

Represented Artists

Click on an image under an artist’s name to view a gallery of larger images of their work:

Sara Bell



Nicole Burr



Dawn Campbell



Julie Chadwick



Carol Forster



Jo Gabe



Karen Gemming



Kaye Gilmour



Bela Grof



Anne Gentry Smith



Fiona Groom



Stuart Gollan



Cassandra Hanley


Kerry Kroesen



Dale Leach



Almeta Lennon



Julie Manfield



Marge Martin



Rex Metcalfe



Kath Melzer



Barbara Neale



Robin Norris



Sandra Robertson



Lynn Shaw



Ken Stanger



Sally Thomson



John Tucker



Pat Tuit



Pam Walsh



Carol Watkins



Barbara Willcocks



Don Woodley



For further information about the Art Gallery contact Fiona Groom – Email croakin@bigpond.net.au – Web  http://www.fmgfionagroomvisualartist.com