Yandina Historic House Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month

Ralph Brown is Artist of the month for October till November 2nd 2021.

Ralph Brown Artist of the Month at Yandina Historic House October 2021

Ralph is an accredited professional and Associate with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and has competed in the Queensland (QPPA) and Australia (APPA) Professional Awards for many years. He has received a Gold award in Queensland in 2019 and Silver awards in Qld and National Awards for three years running.

He has competed in competitions in Europe, USA, Asia and other parts of the world since 2008 to receive International (AFIAP) and National (AAPS) accreditation. Ralph has also been a member of the Australian Photographic Society (APS) since 2008 and is the current President of Photographic Society of Queensland and an accredited judge (PSQA) since 2013.

One of his main objectives is to share his passion for photography by encouraging emerging photographers. Photography and judging have taken him to many places from Townsville in North Qld to Foster on the coast of New South Wales. He does remote judging for many clubs around Queensland and New South Wales and can be called upon to judge as many as six competitions in a month. Ralph is a regular judge for the Qld International Digital Circuit where the panel will judge up to 8000 images in a day.

Ralph has had a love for photography since receiving his first camera as a 16-year-old then went on to use an SLR film camera during his working life. He later completed professional studies to receive the Diploma of Professional Photography.

Phone: 0400 046 476 Email: brown_rd@outlook.com
Facebook: facebook.com/RalphBrownPhotography

Artist of the Month for September 2021 is the Sunshine Coast Plein Air Painters.

All through September we feature works by the Plein Air Painters of beautiful scenes from the local areas. Painting ‘en plein air’ means painting in the outdoors. The sun and shadows move, the clouds change, the light changes, the wind blows, people and birds and animals move, and even the tide can come in or out meaning the artist has to capture the essence, mood or an impression of the scene.

Come and see the Sunshine Coast as you have never seen it before in a range of beautiful paintings.