Yandina Historic House Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month

Ken Stanger is our Artist of the Month from February 6th – March 6th 2018.
Artist of the Month is Kerry Kroesen at the gallery for the month of January 2018.
Lynn Shaw is is Artist of the Month at Yandina Historic House for December 2017.
The Petri Park Art Group are our Artists of the Month for November 2017.
This month brings the Sunshine Coast Plein Air Painters Group together to exhibit their recent exploration of Yandina and its surrounds.
Barbara Neale is September 2017’s Artist of the Month. Barbara’s main focus is the Australian landscape. She is a very versatile artist and paints using oils, acrylic and pastels.
August’s Artist of the Month is Don Woodley.
Almeta is our Artist of the Month for July 2017.
Dale Leach is our featured artist of the month for June 2017. Dale has created a colourful exhibition of animals and the landscape.
May’s artist of the month is Sara Bell who is inspired by the colour of birds and the beauty of nature.
Karen Gemming is the Artist of the Month for April 2017 at the Historic House, her work  evokes  emotion through her use of watercolours.