Yandina Historic House Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month

Historic House and Art Gallery Open Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 2:30pm

This month’s artist is Lynn Shaw … Exhibition runs until Tuesday 4th August 2020.
Our new Artist of the Month at Yandina Historic House is Kristy-Ann Duffy … exhibition runs from 12th June to 7th July 2020.
Anne Yang is Artist of the Month for March, Exhibition from 4th March to 8th of April 2020.
This month’s Artist is Leigh Elks. Exhibition is on until March 3rd 2020. Don’t miss it!
January’s Artist of the Month is Nicole Burr and her exhibition runs until 4th February 2020.
Fiona Groom is Artist of the Month at Yandina Historic House. Exhibition on until 7th January 2020.
November’s Artist is Julie Chadwick. Exhibition is on until 2nd December … All welcome.
Kristy-Ann Duffy – Exhibition from 2nd October to 5th November 2019.
Don Woodley is our Artist of the Month from the 3rd September to 1st October 2019.
Artist of the Month for August 2019 is Chris Hobel – 6th August to 3rd September.


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